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Global Handprint Network (GHN) was launched at “International Conference ESD for transforming Education for Children and Youth” on 17th September 2016, Ahmedabad India. The network is currently being facilitated by Centre for Environment Education being the Secretariat.

Global Handprint Network invites institutions, civil societies, corporate, organizations, business, firms and other stakeholders of society to share their positive actions. Handprint means commitment; to achieve environmental sustainability, environmental leadership, gender parity, sustainable development, to curb social issues and lead to a healthy environment. It’s a collaborative effort that takes us to achieve a better world.

GHN will actively promote networking and strengthen interactions amongst its members. This will allow its members to exchange information, be updated on the current sustainable practices, get recognized and leave a Handprint globally. Global Handprint Network enables its members to find solutions to combat climate change by building capacity of individuals and organizations.

The initiative will bring together individuals, families, societies, communities, regions, states and nations, collectively to create a large network and put enormous impact for positive action towards sustainability.