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The Handprint was launched by the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) on 27th November 2007 at UNESCO’s 4th International Conference on Environmental Education held at Ahmedabad, India. Since then, 27th November is being observed as Global Handprint Day gathering all the positive actions taken by the people around the globe towards sustainability. This day highlights the importance of various positive actions taken by an individual and community, together to set a long journey towards sustainability.

We invite all our partners, institutions and individuals taking positive action for environment and sustainability to observe the day and share their handprint event write ups with us on and also tag us on your Handprint Day event social media posts #GlobalHandprintDay @handprint

Glimpse of Handprint Day Celebrations

Ideas on Observing Handprint Day

While the Handprint concept is being adapted and applied in many different ways, this is one concept, which has equal, if not more, relevance at the individual and personal level. The Handprint helps analyze personal sustainable action, and to reach out to others around us. It asks which daily behaviours we follow for ourselves, in our family and household, with our neighbors and the surrounding community. Also, it looks at our lifestyle choices in our home, school, university and working space; in our village, town or city, and helps to take stock of how we impact our home planet, for better or for worse.

  • Writing blogs, articles, social media posts etc. about the relevance of handprint actions in present time. 
  • Sharing your own story of positive change through video or photo story.
  • Conducting virtual events with speakers who are working towards using education and communication to promote sustainable lifestyle.
  • Start a ‘Handprint Sharing Community’ in your institution or neighbourhood to meet at frequent intervals to plan and share about sustainability actions.
  • Form ‘Handprint Network’ with your family members, friends and colleagues to learn and adopt positive action focusing on eco-friendly traditional and cultural practices.
  • Conduct or Participate in Handprint awareness and action activities such as 
    • cleanliness drives in campus, ponds, lakes, gardens, etc.
    • donation campaign for food, old clothes, books, gadgets etc.
    • study of local flora and fauna campaigns 
    • awareness campaigns such as save local biodiversity, water, energy, etc.

Do tag us on your Global Handprint Day event social media posts #GlobalHandprintDay @handprint