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Handprint CARE educational resources include the teacher educator’s handbook, videos, presentations, lesson plans and thumbnails. The educational resources are simple, ready to use, well-illustrated and can be used by teacher educators/teachers of primary and middle schools anywhere in the globe. These resources can be shared with teachers from your school/other schools in your country for collaboration as a community and to start thinking and taking Handprint actions for the common good.


The handbook comprises theory chapters, thematic exemplars and picture stories. The theory chapters will help learners understand different concepts and theories of Handprint CARE pedagogy and the role of Handprint CARE in achieving SDGs through subject teaching.

The thematic exemplars give a detailed insight into various sustainable development concepts and topics. The topics selected under exemplars are centered on the primary and middle schools but can be adapted for use at any level by creative teachers. To further enhance classroom discussions around that topic, teachers can include other points of views and interesting real-life stories (local or global) at the learners’ level (age and grade appropriate).

An ancient form of storytelling through pictures called Kamishi ba has been used in this handbook. The five picture stories are developed as examples of real-life start-up stories. Each of the stories can be used to inspire and activate inquiry and handprint action learning through which students can compose their own real-life true stories that point the way to more just and sustainable lifestyles.


The learners are provided with an opportunity to learn about the pedagogy and key elements of Handprint CARE directly from the authors themselves. The videos are short, well-illustrated and easy to understand. This can be used by teacher educators while conducting training. Teachers can also refer to these videos while using the handbook.


The Handprint CARE training module is developed to support teacher educators to conduct trainings for primary and middle school teachers (teachers handling students of age 8 to 13 years). Module has two parts: Part I introduces theory of Handprint CARE approach and pedagogy and Part II details out application of Handprint CARE in classroom transactions and implementing action projects.


A set of 10 thumbnails have been created for the use for teachers of primary and middle schools. Thumbnails provide a brief introduction to the various components of each exemplar. The exemplars and thumbnails are only starting points for teachers to begin conversations/discussions in classrooms about a particular topic.