Our Vision

The Handprint concept captures the energy which young people see in themselves and desire to do things for a better future. Footprint  itself  sets a strong benchmark and has established a common metric for everyone to compare the impact that are put on natural resources. This made the realization more tangible about the alarming situation of Earth and created anxiety amongst everyone. Although, creating anxiety or getting people worried is an inadequate way of presenting the problem be it related to environment. The inadequacy to handle a problem should not arrive at a deadlock where everyone feels helpless to find solutions. They should in fact gather courage, and have commitment to achieve so.

Handprint is positive action, commitment, measurement; it also means connecting – joining hands, a symbol of care and it’s inspiring. Actions required for combating environmental issues including climate change are actually to do with everything we do, the way we live, eat, waste things, read, shop and consume. Our lifestyle is directly connected with the consumption. It has become part of one’s life and so there is a need to practice positive sustainable actions from now on. Actions are intentional and so is Handprint. Experiences and actions are very closely linked. Without action competence, one cannot become rich in experiences, which in their turn can help to qualify action competence. Known as ‘”Continuity of Experience” (Dewey, 1998). Handprint in itself is an experience and action.

Handprint by Centre for Environment Education is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License. This makes the concept available to global community enhancing participation, collaboration and more vibrancy in the process. This has contributed in evolving Handprint with every hand joining in the process. There happens a continuous improvement in the concept with you as a member, partner, and an institute contributing in the process.